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Ludlow Native's Latest Political Thriller is Now Available

Local author and attorney Rick Robinson is out with his latest political thriller.

Opposition Research is the newest addition to Robinson's Richard Thompason series.

Robinson has twice been named author of the year.

His new book exposes how opposition research is politics' dirty little secret.

Digging up buried skeletons can bring an opponent's campaign to a dead standstill. Former United States Senator Richard Thompson just can't get politics out of his blood. Following his last stint on Capitol Hill, Thompson and his close circle of friends are embarking on a new endeavor – running a consulting firm that specializes in opposition research. But when their digging uncovers lethal information, it places Thompson and his crew on a dangerous ride spanning from Little Italy to California and back to the nation's capital.

In between, winning or losing a campaign becomes overshadowed by life and death itself.

Rock Neelly, local author of River of Tears, writes of Robinson, "once this politico/novelist shows us his cred, he then lifts the manhole cover to reveal the seamiest side of politics -- oppo research, the practice of getting dirt on your adversary. And then follows the concept of opposition research to its worst possible hypothetical—what happens when you turn up something really bad, just plain nasty, about a political opponent? Would you use it? We all know the answer is 'of course.' Don't we? And then the fun ensues. It's like drinking beers with your buds at an Irish pub and a novel breaks out. Of course, there are Warren Zevon references, scenes from Hotel Covington, references to Tony Perez, the Big Dog, BBQ from Walt's Hitchin' Post, and lots of goetta entrees from the Colonial Cottage. Go with the flow, you're on Robinson's turf now. Enjoy the ride, but zip your lip. We got a file on you too, ya know!"

Robinson brings more than four decades of legal and political experience to crafting his novels. His manner of relating political life and the campaign trail to readers has earned him Amazon top-seller status, often placing multiple books in the top 100 at the same time.  P

ublished by Headline Books, 2018 Independent Publisher of the Year, Robinson’s numerous writing accolades include being named International Independent Author of the year. 

When he and his wife, Linda, are not at some local pub sampling the Guinness stew, Robinson can be found playing electric mandolin in an Irish punk rock band or wading waist deep in a cold river aggravating trout.

-Staff report

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