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Taylor Mill Honors Longtime City Attorney; Thayer Awarded Friend of City

The Taylor Mill city commission paid tribute to longtime city and local attorney Frank Wichmann during its meeting last week.

Mayor Dan Bell read a proclamation honoring Wichmann for 48 years of service to the city.

The occasion also happened to mark Wichmann's 80th birthday.

Wichmann was surprised, and even more so when members of his family filed into the room to help him celebrate.  

Kentucky League of Cities Deputy Executive Director J.D. Chaney was on hand to offer his thanks for Wichmann being available to help others through legal processes, and mentoring him.

"He's the best, east to west, north to south," Chaney said. "This man is respected statewide for his tremendous knowledge."

Mayor Bell said the city wanted to honor Wichmann for his legendary knowledge, and to give him all the respect he deserves. He gave Wichmann the proclamation, and then gave him the key to the city.

Everyone in the room gave Wichmann a standing ovation.

Wichmann didn't say much, but the big smile on his face showed that he was appreciative, and proud that his family was there to share in his moment.

Chaney was at the meeting with Bryanna Carroll, KLC director of governmental affairs, to give the Friend of Kentucky Cities award to State Senator Damon Thayer (R-Georgetown).

When Thayer was informed that he was the recipient of the award, the KLC officials asked him where he wanted to hold the official handing over ceremony, and he told them he wanted to hold the ceremony at the northernmost city in his district, Taylor Mill.

Chaney said the KLC gives the award every year to the state legislator who does the most to either promote legislation for cities within the state, or for working to kill legislation that would not be beneficial to the cities.

He related how Thayer has been instrumental in doing both, playing a key role in the passage of legislation important to cities in the 2019 session, ensuring KLC initiatives, and KLC-supported measures were called for a vote.

"We cherish the relationships we have with legislators, especially those that have consistently shown support for Kentucky's cities," said Chaney. "Senator Thayer's knowledge of issues important to cities has made him a key ally, and we value his ongoing support."

Even though the KLC doesn't give the award to the same person each year, this is the tenth time they have given it to Damon Thayer.

Thayer was very proud to receive the award, and said he had a special place for it next to the other nine awards on his wall at home. He credited KLC for helping identify legislation and supporting it, and then thanked Mayor Bell and the city for agreeing to hold the ceremony there.

In other business, the city commission heard a first reading of an ordinance related to parking on Primrose Avenue. There will be no parking on the south side of the street or within thirty feet of Church Street.

Mayor Bell also read a proclamation celebrating the Scott High School girls cross country team for winning the Class 2A state championship.

City Administrator Brian Haney told the commission that the city received only one bid to fix the slip on Mason Road, from Hinkle Environmental for $152,000. The city budgeted only $70,000 to fix it.

Haney said the city would look elsewhere for help with the public works department doing the majority of the work.

The annual tree-lighting ceremony is set for December 1 from 4 to 6 p.m.

On December 7, the city will conduct its Santa visits, and on December 14 at Pride Park there will be a chance for pets to visit with Santa. More information will be on the city's website.

Written by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor

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