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A Community in Support of Newport Public Schools


As a community based and led organization, ReNewport believes our number one job is to support our community in every way we can. This includes our public-school system. Our schools are the backbone of our community, where some of the most important work going on is being done at, which is why we are such strong believers and advocates for Newport Independent School District (NISD). 

In a collaborative community effort to support and grow that support for our school district, an Education Task Force was created. This collaboration in creating this task force led to an incredibly diverse set of Newport residents, all passionate and wanting to support NISD coming together, representing individuals from different neighborhoods, consisting of parents, grandparents, a retired NISD principal, a recent NISD graduate who is about to graduate from NKU, the President of the Newport Business Association, and so on, all who have a history of giving back, volunteering and supporting to both our City and Schools. The goal of this Task Force, is to create a strategic plan of policy actions and to drum up continued community support, to continue all the great working happening in NISD while also helping the school to position itself to grow and be a leader in the region and state for public education. 

The Task Force has been meeting the past few months, putting in hundreds of hours’ worth of volunteer time, researching, reaching out to school staff, city staff and community members to in this effort to show and grow support for the school system and help it gain the resources needed to continue its progress. With the plan now coming close to a finished product, the Task Force will be hosting an open house of the first draft of the plan for all community members and stakeholders to give their feedback, input and to help finish this effort, in a showing of support for our public education system in making it the best it can possibly be. Everyone in our City are stakeholders for the NISD, parents, grandparents, teachers, business owners and all community leaders, so make your voice heard!

We cordially invite you to the Education Task Force Open House, November 21st from 6pm to 8pm at Headquarters Historic Event Center (935 Monmouth St.) to participate in shaping the plan that we hope will not only continue the progress being made by all at NISD, but to grow it in the premiere school district that we’ve always known it to be. 

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you there in support of NISD!

Gordon Henry, ReNewport Board President

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Jenny Brewer

Ed Davis

Shane Gosney

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