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Band of Helping Hands to Put on Show to Raise Funds for Local Families

The Band of Helping Hands (BOHH) is a nonprofit organization looking to use local and original music to raise money for kids to learn through art and music.

The founder, Greg Mebs, also of MEBS Counseling, a community-based agency that provides a variety of evidence based Behavioral Health services in the Northern Kentucky area, founded the Band.

He cites his love of helping kids and music as his motivation.

The band raises money through concerts with known bands who perform at 3831 Decoursey Avenue, which is a repurposed church sitting on a wedge of land in Covington.

On Saturday, December 7, BOHH will host a concert called Blue Christmas, featuring three bands.

"This is A-plus stuff," said Mebs. "We record our sessions, and then sell the CDs and all the money goes to help the community. We pay the bands, we have a private donor who pays them, so that all the money raised can go into the fund to provide services for the people." 

Mebs and his wife, Patti, try to provide wraparound services, and they are able to help out if case managers get stuck in some way, not being able to provide camp for a child, or some extra that they know would help a child.

Mebs said that when his dad died and left him $220,000, he and his wife decided to give it all away.  

The organization has already given $5,000 to Children's Hospitals, and $5,000 to five different elementary schools, including Kelly Elementary in Boone County. They used their money to start a video program in the form of a news show.

Last year, BOHH was able to provide 203 families with Christmas gifts, buying the gifts from lists provided by the parents, and then wrapping them so when the parents picked them up, they could put them under the tree as if Santa brought the presents.

"We also have people who adopt whole families for the holidays," said Mebs. "We try to have about five events a year."

Tickets for this year's holiday show can be purchased at or at the door. The cost is $25 and $35.

BOHH benefits from the kindness of and works with other local charitable groups like Maslow's Army, Project Hope, and Guitars for Vets.

Even though he loves his music, and believes in the combination of music and counseling, Mebs acknowledges he needs some help too.

"I believe God will help us and guide us," he said simply.

Written by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor

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