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Michaels at Newport Pavilion (RCN)

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A.C. Moore, We Hardly Knew Ya

Big discounts and sales are underway at A.C. Moore Arts and Crafts as the large retailer prepares to shutter its Newport location.

The national chain opened in Newport less than a year ago, but late last month announced that it would be closing all its stores. In all, the 34-year old brand, whose parent company is Nicole Crafts, will close 145 stores.

40 of those stores are expected to be reopened as Michaels, another national retail chain with a much larger presence which acquired those yet-to-be-announced locations.

In Newport, A.C. Moore operates at the Newport Shopping Center where it opened in January.

It is an unlikely target for a Michaels rebranding since that chain already has a location across Carothers Road at Newport Pavilion.

A closing date for the Newport location of A.C. Moore has not yet been publicly unannounced, but on Sunday, there were large signs promoting steep discounts on all the store's inventory, particularly Christmas-related products.

-Michael Monks, editor & publisher

Top photo: A.C. Moore on Sunday in Newport (RCN)

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