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Wilder, Covington Projects Win Awards for SD1 Contractors

Sanitation District 1 (SD1) presented the 2019 Erosion Prevention and Sediment Control Excellence Award to two local construction companies for their work addressing storm water challenges, timely implementation of best management practices, and for ensuring their projects have minimal off-site impacts on our local environment.

The 14th annual awards recognize Jacob Aufdenkamp (Coyle SWPPP Professionals) for work on the Three Mile Road regulator replacement station project in Wilder and Jarron Fischer (Fischer Homes) for work on the Tuscany subdivision project in Covington.

“Erosion and sediment control requires constant attention,” said Jason Burlage, SD1’s plan review administrator. “This is an essential element in protecting water quality and the landscape to protect local residents. Coyle SWPPP and Fischer Homes have demonstrated a commitment to this work by embracing BMPs at their job sites.”

Best management practices are design, construction, and maintenance practices that minimize the impact of storm water runoff by holding it in place, slowing it down, and filtering it for pollutants. Some such as silt fences and sediment basins ensure that storm water runoff will not erode the soil and cause damage to property and the environment.

-Staff report


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