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Bellevue: Burger King, Gas Station, Waffle House Move Forward

Change continues to be in the development stages along Donnermeyer and Riviera drives.

A large parcel of land that currently houses a KOI Auto Parts and Miller's Fill In on Donnermeyer is set to become home to a new Burger King location.

City Administrator Frank Warnock said that the Burger King franchise owner submitted a stage one development plan to construct a new location for the national fast food chain on the site. He said the footprint of the store would be similar to that of the nearby Arby's location.

The proposed Burger King would have to adhere to the city's form-based code, Warnock said. The Arby's, facing similar regulations, took years to come to fruition as that franchise's owners grappled with how to produce a new building under the strict zoning code.

It is expected that the new Burger King would replace the existing location on Fairfield Avenue.

Meanwhile, Kroger is moving forward with its plans to put in a new free-standing gas station.

The large grocery chain based in Cincinnati has a store on Donnermeyer and originally wanted to place a gas station in front of that location, but its plans were rejected under the form-based code. 

Instead, Kroger is pursuing a development on Riviera on a site that currently houses a former Chase Bank location.

The stage one development plan was unanimously approved by the city's planning & zoning committee and Warnock said that a stage two development plan has been submitted.

Waffle House is also moving forward with plans to construct a new location in front of the Kroger store, where the grocer had previously hoped to place a gas station and where a self-serve car wash stood until earlier this year.

The Waffle House, first announced in 2017, has picked up its initial necessary permit and Warnock expects construction to begin in the spring.

The developments follow an earlier announcement related to new sidewalks and a more pedestrian-friendly atmosphere on Donnermeyer Drive. The Ohio Kentucky Indiana Regional Council of Governments (OKI) awarded $792,000 to Bellevue for the efforts. The city will match $198,000.

“Donnermeyer Drive could be just as exciting as Fairfield Avenue if we take the time to focus and plan for its future," Mayor Charlie Cleves said in October when the announcement was made. "This is an initial important first step. We have an open canvas to paint the picture we want, and we want to create a Picasso.”

-Michael Monks, editor & publisher

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Former bank building slated to become home to new Kroger gas station