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Christ Hospital, Carabello Coffee Team Up to Give Out Christmas Onesies to Newborns

The Christ Hospital partnered with Newport-based Carabello Coffee to dress newborns in "Silent Night, Yeah Right!" onesies for the holiday.

All babies born on Christmas Eve and Christmas at Christ's Mt. Auburn and Liberty Township, Ohio locations will receive free, limited-edition onesies, and parents will receive a pound of Carabello coffee and a mug.

Justin Carabello, of Carabello Coffee, joined Christ Hospital President and CEO Arturo Polizzi to give out a few onesies and some coffee a little early. They decorated the Christ Hospital’s coffee cart and gave the gifts to a few families.

“I’m delighted to get the opportunity to visit our patients and give them a little something extra to make their experience at The Christ Hospital even more special. Every month we like to treat our new babies to a special onesie to celebrate. This month we thought mom should get a little gift as well, to thank her for all the amazing things she does… on VERY little sleep,” said Polizzi. “We’re even more excited to partner with Carabello Coffee, a very well known shop in Northern Kentucky, and we are so grateful for their collaboration to surprise and delight our new families this holiday season.”

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