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Recap of Bromley City Council Meeting


A recap of the Bromley city council meeting from earlier this month:

Council approved the first reading of an ordinance changing the language of the rental enforcement provisions. These are minor language changes that make it a civil offence to fail to maintain a rental license.

Council also voted for a municipal order to adopt a capital asset depreciation policy, which was recommended as something the city should adopt.

Councilman Tim Wartman explained that he had a bid for a contractor to put security cameras in the park, but he needed council to approve an overage to his budget to install them. Council voted for the extra money. Mayor Mike Denham asked Wartman to look into getting quotes for planting a permanent evergreen tree at the corner of the park so the city can have a natural tree to decorate every year.

Councilman Dave Radford caught council up on the issue of excessive tractor trailer traffic on Main Street and on Bromley-Crescent Springs Road. He said he was asked if he could follow the trucks to see where they were going but he determined that he couldn't do that. However, he said he has noticed that the truck traffic has lessened.

Radford also brought up the mirrors that were installed at the intersections of Moore and Main and Kenton and Main streets, saying they seem to be helping with visibility at the intersections.

Ludlow Fire Chief Mike Stewart reminded everyone that the fire department has smoke detectors that they can install for people for no charge. He said with people using space heaters and extra lights for Christmas there is an extra risk for fire, and smoke detectors save lives. Anyone who would like a smoke detector can call the fire department at 859-581-8600.

Mayor Denham said that since their next meeting would be on January 1, the New Year's Day holiday, City Attorney Kim Vocke has advised him that there is an ordinance in place that automatically reschedules the holiday meeting to the next Wednesday, which will be January 8. 

It was also announced that the auditor will be at this meeting.

Written by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor