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Ludlow Board Sees School's Technology, Art in Action

The Ludlow board of education hosted its regular meeting this month at Ludlow High School's Genius Lab where senior student Aidan Schaffner offered a tour of historic sites in Philadelphia via VR-AR headsets.

The school currently has ten such headsets for an after-school program.

Ludlow Schools Chief Information Officer Kyle Fancher explained that the headsets, which have a price tag of under $300 for schools, have about 100 programs pre-loaded on them, but the person who guides the tours from a tablet can access at least 60,000 programs from the internet.

Though the tour was short, board members were suitably impressed.  

Eventually the school would like to acquire more headsets, and incorporate them into the classroom work, for history, science, and many other classes.

Schaffner then showed off the 3D printers, two of which were busily creating objects. 

The school had owned other 3D printers, but these three are much improved technologically.  

Schaffner gave each of the board members an ornament, a panther paw on a block topped by a Santa hat.

Students also participated in creating three tiled and wooden benches to be placed by the football field, the city building, and the community center. They were created alongside local artists as part of a project produced by the Catalytic Fund's Celebrate the River Cities public art project.

Meanwhile, the district has developed an app for phones which will be a boost in information technology for students and parents. Everything parents need to know about their children's school days can be accessed through this app. A search for Ludlow Independent Schools in the app store will allow for it to be downloaded on smart devices. Some of the information included includes announcements, food menus, event information, contact information, photos from past events, and social media feeds. It will also notify parents about school schedules during bad weather, such as district closures during snow events.

The new board member, Wesley Dorger, was sworn in before the meeting. Dorger was chosen to fill the unexpired term of Bill McMillen who left to take a position in the church.

Superintendent Michael Borchers noted that a private donor sponsored the entire first grade, donating backpacks full of toys to each student.

In addition, a company sponsored the entire Mary A. Goetz Elementary School, giving a present for each of the 460 students in the school.

The Wofford family also donated 12 new bicycles which were given to selected students.

Written by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN conributor

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