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Notre Dame Awards Scholarship Funds to Incoming Freshmen

Notre Dame Academy announced nearly $79,000 in scholarships for 28 incoming freshmen.
The money was announced following the results meeting related to the Notre Dame placement test on Monday.
The 28 students represent eight local grade schools and earned the $78,750 in scholarship funds for their performance on the placement test last month.
Due to the generosity of the Sisters of Notre Dame and other benefactors, Notre Dame Academy awards several academic scholarships to the top performers on the placement test each year. The scholarships range from $500 to $2000.
This year, Notre Dame Academy offered 15 renewable Academic Excellence Scholarships to students who scored in the 97, 98, and 99 percentile, and 28 benefactor scholarships based on academic performance. 
The Park Hills school identified the recipients as:
Grayson Rohmiller
Lucy Bailey
Mia Kent
Clara Heberling
Gabrielle White
Georgia Kleman
Mary Catherine Kelly
Jasmine Barczak
Allison Knop
Hannah Renaker
Kelsey Weil
Nicolette Cottingham
Isabelle Fettig
Paige Summe
Sophia Ernst
Nora Kampinga
Lacey Mack
Lydia Dusing
Klaire Eckhardt
Allison Laws
Megan McKeown
Kimberly Woeste
Maria Haacke
Sophia Santos
Madison Jacobs
Ryan Baker
Layla Ficke
Allison Magary
-Staff report
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