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St. Elizabeth Expands Lung Cancer Screening Program


St. Elizabeth Healthcare announced that it is expanding its lunch cancer screening program with a retail option.

According to a news release, the health care organization noticed a screening gap in those current or former smokers who may be at risk for lung cancer but do not meet typical insurance screening guidelines.

The Retail Lung Cancer Screening Program is the first of its kind in the region, featuring a $99 low-dose CT scan that can identify earliest stage lung cancers for people ages 50–80 years old who fit the following criteria: 

• Current or former smoker. 

• Have a 20-pack year or greater smoking history (equivalent of one pack of cigarettes per day for 20 years). 

• Have at least one additional risk factor such as COPD, pulmonary fibrosis, history of other smoking- related cancers or family history of lung cancer. 

• Currently lack any overt signs of lung cancer, such as unexplained weight loss or coughing up blood. 

Typically, insurance carriers require those eligible for a lung cancer screening to be a current smoker or someone who has quit within last 15 years, between 55-77 years old with 30-plus pack-year history. The St. Elizabeth Retail Lung Cancer Screening Program broadens the requirements to reach a wider audience of smokers and former smokers. 

To lead this expansion for the Lung Cancer Screening Program, Dr. Michael Gieske , a primary care physician at St. Elizabeth Physicians, has been named Medical Director of Lung Cancer Screening. 

“As our lung cancer screening program has grown, we've been increasingly recognized as one of the leaders in these programs at a regional and national level," said Dr. Doug Flora, executive medical director of oncology services at St. Elizabeth. "We've recently restructured leadership, added more staff and infrastructure to support this program. We felt there was no greater way to be right here for the patients of our region than to invest the necessary resources, including naming a recognized national leader in lung cancer screening to lead this important program.” 

In addition to caring for patients as a primary care physician, Dr. Gieske also serves as lead physician at his Ft. Mitchell office, the St. Elizabeth Physicians East Division Physician Director of Primary Care, and Physician Director of Virtual Health. 

Lung cancer screenings are available at one of six locations in Covington, Edgewood, Florence, Ft. Thomas, Grant County, and Hebron. To determine if you are a candidate for lung cancer screening or the new retail lung cancer screening option, contact your primary care provider or visit to take a free quiz. Call the St. Elizabeth Lung Screening Nurse Navigators at (859) 301-4072 for additional questions. 

-Staff report

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