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Teen Arrested for Alleged Threats Against St. Henry High School


A student at St. Henry District High School was taken into custody on Thursday morning for alleged threats against the Erlanger school.

The Boone County Sheriff's Office was dispatched to St. Henry at around 9:30 a.m. after school administrators were made aware of two threatening messages on social media.

The student believed to have posted the messages, identified as a 15-year old boy, was at school when deputies arrived. According to the sheriff's office, the boy posted threatening messages to his Snapchat Story on Wednesday night, and admitted that he did so because other students were being mean to his friends.

The first threatening image showed a pistol with a caption, “yall really want to talk [expletive] pull up then.” He received the picture of the pistol on Snapchat from his cousin who lives out of state, the sheriff's office said. The boy allegedly added the threatening caption before posting the image to his own Snapchat Story. Deputies later confirmed that the student didn’t possess any type of gun while at school, nor does he have access to any guns at home, a news release said. 

The second threatening image was a pocket knife with a caption, “You will get stabbed fake people are snitches”. He later admitted to possessing the pocket knife while on school property. School administrators confiscated the knife this morning from the student’s locker, the sheriff's office said. 

The student was taken into custody and charged with second degree terroristic threatening, a class D Felony. He was lodged at the Campbell Juvenile Detention Center per a judge’s order. 

-Staff report

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