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Covington Day Care Worker Found Not Guilty in Shaken Baby Case

The Covington day care worker charged with fourth degree assault after being accused of hurting a baby, was found not guilty.

Sheila Sandmann, 63, was charged last September following a complaint that originated at the Chapman Child Development Center on the campus of Holmes High School. 

During the investigation, police said they determined that the employee inappropriately grabbed and handled the child. That child did not suffer any serious internal or external injury but did have visible swelling on her arm, police said at the time.

Sandmann, of Taylor Mill, who had worked at the district for fifteen years, was asked to resign and did so.

Days after the charges emerged, Sandmann released a statement through attorney Paul Hill in which she asked that the public withhold judgment until the case plays out.

"This office represents Sheila Sandmann. Ms. Sandmann is a sixty-three year-old mother of three and grandmother of four. She has worked in the child care industry for the past 15 years. During that time, Ms. Sandmann has cared for hundreds if not thousands of children and has provided each of them love and care as if they were her own," Hill said in the statement. "She has never harmed, nor would ever harm a child and she did not harm this child. We ask that everyone please withhold judgment until this case plays out in a court of law."

Last week, Sandmann was found not guilty, WXIX reported.

“I feel like justice was served,” Sandmann told the TV station. “My name was cleared and I knew I had done no harm."

-Staff report