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Ludlow Schools Presented Check from Bromley FD, Superintendent Honored

Ludlow Independent Schools received a check from the Bromley Volunteer Fire Department.

Firefighter Terry Keller presented the check for $4,750 to Ludlow Board of Education president Judy Lantry.

Now that the Bromley Fire Department is no more, each of the seven remaining members were tasked with distributing the organization's funds to other groups, Keller said. He chose Ludlow Schools.

Meanwhile, Ludlow Superintendent Michael Borchers was recognized as one of four finalists for the Kentucky Association of School Administrators' Administrator of the Year honor. The organization's CEO, Rhonda Caldwell, was present at last week's school board meeting to present Borchers with a compass, showing that he was instrumental in giving the right directions to families and students.

The board also chose its new officers for the year, changing its policy from making that decision every two years to making it annually. Judy Lantry will serve as president, Cindy Powell as vice president, Jenny McMillen as secretary, and Vikki Wofford as treasurer.

The board approved a draft budget that includes salary and step increases for faculty and staff.

The school district is dealing with pipe issues in the cafeteria that cost $13,000 over the holiday break. A pipe-lining project will be scheduled for the summer, Borchers said, noting that district staff fixed the existing leak and the damage to the floor for now.

The principals at the district's elementary and high schools presented on evaluations of the students who scored proficient or distinguished on state testing.

Mary A. Goetz principal Jason Steffen explained that students who were having problems are receiving extra help.

"We are looking at every single individual child, and if they aren't hitting their goal, we are asking why," Steffen said. "When I first came here, we weren't doing that. Right now, we are hitting our growth targets across the board."

High school principal Travis Caudill wasn't as satified with his numbers, but he has a math coach who visited the school in December, and will visit again in January to give some advice. 

It was announced that sophomores will be eligible to take the ACT in March, along with juniors and seniors. This will enable the younger students to qualify for Gateway Community & Technical College dual-enrollment classes earlier.  Borchers said that the testing will be at no charge to the students, and said most students will be able to take the ACT three times without charge from 10th to 12th grades.

Written by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor

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