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Kenton Leaders Open Time Capsule from 1969

The Kenton County Fiscal Court opened a time capsule placed in the former Kenton County government building on Court Street in Covington back in 1969 when that tower opened.

The county government moved last year to the former Bavarian Brewery building at Simon Kenton Way in Covington.

Charles Summe, who served as a local elected official for decades, was in attendance for the capsule's opening. He was present when it was originally installed in the old building.

Inside, the current county leaders found two newspapers and letters from people saying hello from the year 1969.

One such letter offered hope that it would be read in a more peaceful world.

"Greetings from another generation," wrote then-Kenton County Judge/Executive James Dressman, Jr., in a letter retrieved from the capsule. "We hope this contribution to this community has bettered your world. Our generation first landed a man on the moon, and we hope the generation who opens this cornerstone and reads this letter will have done even greater things our generation has not yet even dreamed. It is our fond hope that when you read this presently troubled world will be living in peace, and all men will be living as brothers in Christ."

Current Judge/Executive Kris Knochelmann kept the time capsule ceremony short and said that the other documents inside would be sorted and detailed at a later date.

Written by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor