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Covington School Teachers Prepare for New State Curriculum

The Covington board of education listened to a presentation on the new Kentucky Academic Standards that will be used in curriculum and then tested in the next school year.

Covington Independent Public Schools Assistant Superintendent of Instruction Scott Alter explained that while the state has already introduced curriculum changes in the classroom, testing on the new curriculum will begin next year.

Teachers in the district have been included in monthly meetings for training.

"All the middle school and high school teachers are working together on campus one time a month," Alter said. "The elementary schools are also meeting one time a month. We are training facilitators and teacher leaders so they can go back and show the other teachers. We are building a foundation."

The first thing they are working on is unit plan design. Alter said the main source of revision for the plan will be the feedback from the teachers. 

Superintendent Alvin Garrison added that they will be able to align the standards so that they are all on the same page.

Taryn Stewart, Director of Nutrition Services, gave a report on how her department is operating. 

She went over the numbers with the board members, and showed the breakfast and lunch reimbursement.  

She also said they are working with harvest of the month local foods, to help the students be aware of eating locally. Stewart said they are looking at Latonia Elementary and trying to assess if they can acquire produce from what the school produces in their garden.

School board member Sarah Flerlage told Stewart that her daughters are vegetarian, and that she has to pack lunches for then because there are very few lunch choices for them. Stewart recommended that she meet with Flerlage to come up with more choices for her daughters and other children who would like meatless lunches. 

Finance Director Annette Burschy reported that she discovered there was no contract between the district and Ludlow Independent Schools  for care of their school buses.  The relationship works well and has existed for years, with Ludlow paying for parts and labor when their buses are serviced, but Burtschy realized there probably should be a contract and the school board attorney confirmed that. 

Burtschy and attorney Mary Ann Stewart will work on a contract.

Written by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor

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