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Dayton Schools Outline Facilities Wish List, Announce Book-Buying Program for Kids

The Dayton board of education approved its school facility plan, though there are no funds available to address what Superintendent Jay Brewer called a Christmas wish list.

Architect Robert Ehmet Hayes spoke to the board to go over the plan.

Among the wish list are an expanded cafeteria at Lincoln Elementary and a new auditorium at Dayton High School.

The state requires that a plan be submitted each year so that district may be considered for potential funds.

In recent years, the school district has conducted multiple large-scale projects at the high school.

Meanwhile, the board also approved an offer of assistance in the amount of $7,447 from the School Facilities Construction Commission.

In other news, Lincoln prinicipal Heather Dragan introduced to the board the school's new intervention specialist for early elementary grades.

Amanda Berringer will take on the position for students in kindergarten through third grade.

"We know that children need a strong basis in reading, and we keep a very close eye on our students to see how they are doing, and that allows us to step in if they start to struggle, especially in the early years," Berringer said.

She started with 25 students from the 2018-2019 school year, and then picked up 10 more from last year's numbers.  

Any student who scores below the10th percentile is targeted for help. Those below the 25th percentile are monitored weekly to ensure growth.

Currently she has thirteen first graders, fifteen second graders, and seven third graders. 

There are 25 girls and 10 boys.

She uses several programs renowned for intervention: Orton-Gillingham, Foundations in Sound, Barton Reading and Spelling, and Spire. Berringer said so far the results are very promising. The next step is to enlist volunteers to help with her program. She is going to put the word out to the community to see if she can encourage people to help the children improve their reading.

Lincoln was also chosen to participate again in the Scripps Howard program where employees donate funds to help students purchase books at the Scholastic Book Fair.

The partnership will allow each elementary student, including preschool, to buy four books at the fair.

Superintendent Brewer said that the fair is wonderful and the students will be able to attend three book fairs and buy books at each one.

Students were honored as students of the month from both schools. 

Lincoln elementary featured Harper Townsley, Savanna Nelson, Leeland Ferguson, Amiyah Woods, Mason Hardin, Hudson Scully, Piper Cooper, Peyton Holmes, Braylen Tursany, Jaiden Newman, Rayden Morgan, Braylen Williams, Ceanan Dicks, Isaiah Norman, McKenzie Burchfield, Adrianna Ashcraft, Lillie Israel, and Anna Karnes.

Students from Dayton High School are Peyton Young, Noel McGrew, Paige Davies, Monica McGlone, Colin Mason and Madison Gifford.

The artist of the month is Johnessah Barbiea, who has scored 1000 points in her basketball career, and is also a star in track and field.

Artist of the month is Delilah Neuspickle.

Written by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor

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