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Edgewood Council May Revive Committee Meetings


The issue of committee meetings and their role in regular city council meetings came up last week at Edgewood city council.

Councilman Jeff Schreiver asked that council committee meetings be placed on the regular agenda for discussion at the beginning of each regular council meeting.

Schreiver said that it would be a revival of a former procedure in which council would hold committee meetings on occasion to discuss issues that don't necessarily need to be addressed at regular meetings yet.

Using examples of the recent Dudley Road construction project, the replacement of an ambulance, and the current state of city facilities, Schreiver explained that an occasional committee meeting would help the city plan for its future.

Mayor John Link suggested a Saturday retreat to be held at some point, to include a tour of all the city's facilities, and then a meeting.

Schreiver was good with that but he wanted something scheduled sooner than March or April.

City Administrator Brian Dehner thought a quarterly frequency for the meetings might be good.

Mayor Link said that the meeting on February 3 might be cancelled because nothing was scheduled to be on the agenda. Link said that since a committee meeting was basically not much different than a council meeting, and if Schreiver had a topic he wanted to discuss, they could put it on the agenda and not cancel the meeting. 

That seemed to be an answer to the problem at least for the time being, and Schreiver opted to discuss the results of the recent resident survey as a topic.

Six students from Dixie Heights high school came to the meeting for their AP  Government class. Mayor Link gave them all pins for coming to the meeting.

Link stressed that anyone wanting to use a sports field this spring should get their requests in to the city by February 3.

Canvas painting class will be on February 11 from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m., but everyone is required to preregister.

The city will have an afternoon at DEFy in Florence on February 17, and again, people must preregister.

A free RAD class (Rape, Aggression, Defense) will be held for women ages 12 and up. People have to attend all four classes, and signup is at the city building.

Written by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor