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New Homes in Mainstrasse Represent Goal of More Ownership in Neighborhood

Two new homes in Covington's Mainstrasse Village are set to go on the market.

Urban Community Developers, Inc. (UCDI), a nonprofit entity whose board members, according to the Kentucky Secretary of State's website, are connected to Corporex and the Catalytic Fund of Northern Kentucky, has joined with Huff Realty to build and sell the new homes on vacant lots.

“As a Northern Kentucky-based business, HUFF has deep roots in and around Covington. For that reason, we’re eager to see these communities, our neighborhoods, built up and revitalized in pockets that have fallen into disrepair,” said Huff Realty President Brad DeVries. “Representing an organization like Urban Community Developers, Inc. allows us to invest in opportunities that help create a better future for the families who buy these new homes and the community that builds around them.”

The first properties slated for market are currently under construction on parcels that were acquired from the City of Covington.

Each home underwent zoning and historic review to maintain the integrity of the neighborhood and existing homes.

The new homes are located at 954 and 956 Philadelphia Street.

The first home offers a full basement, two and a half baths, and two bedrooms and is listed at $279,900. Occupancy for this home will be available in early April 2020.

The second home has a full basement, two and a half baths, and three bedrooms. In addition, this home has a third-story study/den and a roof deck with glimpses of the Cincinnati skyline and surrounding landmarks, a news release said.

This home is listed at $389,900. 

“These homes are built to last. They have high quality finishes and materials that require more upfront time, money and effort on the developer’s part,” said Huff Realty agent Rebecca Weber, who is representing the properties with fellow Huff agents Joy Amann and Shawn Masters. “But because they’re being built above the typical market standard, they’ll stand the test of time and be easier to maintain for their future owners. Moreover, they’ll help support the revitalization effort in this rising community for years to come.”

UCDI announced its mission as an acceleration of neighborhood change through home ownership. It is led by president and CEO Bill Sanderson.

“Our goal is to turn disinvestment into investment. Once the new homes are complete, they’ll begin to turn around the profile of the neighborhood,” said Sanderson. “When neighbors have confidence that their investments in their homes will be protected, they’ll start to invest, too. It’s truly how urban infill neighborhoods heal themselves, and it’s great news for the city.”

“We believe in the American dream of new home ownership, and these vacant lots are the pieces of the urban fabric that need to be mended. With that guiding philosophy, we can help improve the quality of life for neighborhood residents, while providing the authentic, walkable urban lifestyle many of today’s new homebuyers are seeking.”

-Staff report

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