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Dayton Moves Forward on Sidewalk Project

The Dayton city council voted Tuesday to move forward with an infrastructure project involving sidewalks along Dayton Pike. The move requires the use of the city's power of eminent domain.

“I am not opposed to the sidewalk with all the water that I get,” said Carl Readleaf, a Dayton resident who has been adversely impacted by runoff of city storm water and will be directly affected by the city moving forward with their implementation of a sidewalk on the newly acquired land taken from his property. At the council meeting, he showed his concern for moving forward with the project without plans to properly address the drainage problem. “But who is going to pay for that sidewalk when it washes out?”

“All we are doing is getting an easement for the maintenance and the construction,” said Dayton city attorney Tom Edge. “Now, at a future date, city council may decide, when it’s time to repair it, whether to repair or not repair.”

Redleaf then interjected and asked if he would be responsible for the repair of the sidewalk if it were to deteriorate due to the current drainage problem. When Edge answered yes, Redleaf replied, “Well you’re not getting my property.”  

“I do want you to recognize though,” said Cathy Volter, Dayton city resident and former Dayton city council member, “a lot of these hard feelings and issues and strong arming had there been a sit down work things out.”

But eminent domain was not the only thing that stood out at last night’s meeting. Dayton City Economic Development Director Robert Yoder gave information on how businesses are opening and expanding.  

“Galactic Chicken is finishing the last of their inspections to have an opening and ribbon cutting soon,” said Yoder. “And we are working with Hickory Dickory Dock Retro Candy to host a winter carnival in the parking lot of the 500 block of 6th Avenue on March 14, 2020. They have done this in the previous years in the City of Newport and it has been very popular.” 

Also, earlier this week, Governor Andy Beshear and Commissioner of the Department for Local Government Dennis Keene announced nearly $500,000 for projects in Northern Kentucky with $91K earmarked for Dayton’s Sargeant Park.

“It was a very exciting day yesterday meeting with Governor Beshear,” said Dayton Mayor Ben Baker.“ We had a great event for the city of Dayton Kentucky when we received $91K+ for Sargeant Park. I want to give a major thanks to our city staff. This is going to be huge!”

A special election will be held on Tuesday, Feb. 25 to elect a new state representative for the 67th House District. Democrat Dennis Keene of Wilder left the position which he had held since 2005 to become commissioner of the Kentucky Department of Local Government. For this special election, all Dayton voters will vote at First Baptist Church located at 501 Dayton Avenue.

New members appointed to city boards: 

Planning & Zoning- Sandy Trutschel and Anthony Cadle

Board of Adjustments – Don Lynn

Board of Architectural Review- Emily Holtrop and Tracey Codell

Civic Club- Jennifer Debruler and Amy Klosterman

Housing Authority- Alberta Boruske

Main Street Board- Jay Banks and Bret Neuspickle

Museum Board- Jane Hebel

Board of Park Commissioners- Amanda Bowman

Code Enforcement- Mike Lenz

Written by Kareem Simpson, RCN contributor

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