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Trifecta Club in Taylor Mill Caters to Fans of Iconic Local Brands

A new private event space has been added to what is known as the Trifecta building in Taylor Mill.

The newer downtown Taylor Mill structure, anticipated as the first of many developments to land in that area eventually, is home to three iconic Cincinnati brands: LaRosa's Pizzeria, Skyline Chili, and Graeter's ice cream.

The Trifecta Club is now located above them and is available for a variety of functions, catering to fans of those three local brands.

"I wanted to create this for our regular Skyline, LaRosa's, and Graeter's customers," said Gary Holland, the property's developer. "We built this for them. We've been getting a lot of requests the past few years for a private party room. We have a semi-private room in LaRosa's, but we can't open it up over the weekend when we're super busy because we need it for dining. The guests have made this company. We've taken care of them, and they have come in droves and have created this restaurant empire that we own across Northern Kentucky. It's our way to thank our guests for supporting us."

The new space accommodates around 50 people comfortable and has two TVs, and a food station that also works as a buffet line. Rental of the room includes a bartender that works behind a full bar.

The decor follows similar themes that play on another use of the word "trifecta": horse racing. Holland is also a sponsor at Keeneland, Lexington's famed horse racing track. Some fiberglass horses are featured.

Windows in the space overlook a courtyard outside the three eateries below.

"This room is exclusive to Skyline, LaRosa's, and Graeter's lovers," Holland stated. "It is not just any room you can rent out. This is for the people who grew up on the icons, for whom the icons define who they are, that are a part of their heritage. We have a customer base of over 42,000."

Holland is also in the process of opening Dunkin' locations in Independence and Taylor Mill. He is also supportive of his alma mater, Simon Kenton High School where he is involved int he creation of Pioneer Corner to raise funds for the Independence campus.

"We will have 31 new restaurants in the Northern Kentucky area by the end of this year," Holland said. The new spots include franchises of Dunkin', First Watch, Skyline, and LaRosa's. 

But Holland has his eye on a larger prize.

"We haven't done our big deal yet. We are just getting started. If it makes sense, and I can be proud of it, it is good, but I don't like to force a deal just because it might be part of a dream," he said. "I like to be prepared to execute. I want to be the best, but I have to do things right. It might take longer but it is worth it because it is my philosophy, and my belief."

He did not offer specific details about what that "big deal" might be, but suggested it may be a new concept or the acquisition of an existing concept and improving upon it.

Whatever it is, it will be here.

"I'm a seventh generation Kentuckian," he said. "I love everything about it here. I love the smells, and the sights. There's nothing I don't like about it here.  It's home. We are so blessed!"

Written by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor