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Artist Seeks Votes for New Covington City Flag

A local artist is working to identify a new flag voted on by the people of Covington.

Benjamin Cook said in an announcement that the project was started by a short drive through the city where he saw dozens of flags celebrating sports teams and other organizations and entities, but had a difficult time locating the city's official flag.

So, he set out to design the "People's Flag of Covington" and is asking people to vote for their favorite from four options at

Cook met with neighborhood organizations last summer where he asked, "What makes Covington Covington?"

Cook, a member of the North American Vexillological Association (which engages in the scholarly and scientific study of flags), researched and designed the four flags that are up for voting. Through a grant from the Carol Ann and Ralph V. Haile, Jr./U.S. Bank Foundation, the winning design will be manufactured and distributed to the neighborhood associations, Cook said.

He added that the project is an open-sourced and publicly owned design to unify the city around a flag.

“In cities that have great flags, you see the flag design not only flying around, but also incorporated into local businesses, on apparel, hats, tattoos, and more. Whether it’s on someone's t-shirt or a laptop sticker, the People’s Flag of Covington will travel across NKY and Cincinnati as a megaphone of Covington pride,” Cook said. 

Cook said that there is no official city flag, though an official flag for the city has flown at City Hall. 

Cook hopes to see the winning design sold at local retail shops along with other flag-based merchandise.

Whether the city takes official action on Cook's design, he hopes to see it used by residents.

Voting ends on March 7 and will be followed by a public unveiling of the winning design at Braxton Brewing Company downtown.

-Staff report

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