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Ludlow High School Could See Modest Architectural Improvements

Possible changes to Ludlow High School were presented to the board of education last Thursday.

Ehmet Hayes, an architect with the firm Robert Ehmet Hayes & Associates, made the presentation.

Superintendent Michael Borchers explained that the school district is weighing whether to do more work beyond a change to the glass entrance to the high school. He expects that the state could tighten school security regulations again, specifying that there be no glass at school entrances, unless it were bulletproof.

Hayes explained that in addition to changes to glass, an update to the school's library to make it more of a creative space could be envisioned. He also suggested that the courtyard next to the entrance could be enclosed and turned into a larger creative space instead of updating the library.

Board members said that they were open to the ideas, though no formal decisions were made.

Ludlow District Technology Coordinator Kyle Fancher and Borchers explained a plan to lease new laptops for next school year.

DDI Leasing, which currently provides laptops to the district, would offer new laptops at $26,000 per year, along with an additional annual charge of $11,000 for insurance if students are permitted to take them home. 

The current laptops would be handed down to younger students in third through seventh grades.

The district currently pays $43,000 to lease laptops.

Ludlow High School Principal Travis Caudill explained that part of the new plan would allow graduating seniors to purchase their laptops that they have used for four years.

The board of education approved a contract with Covington Independent Public Schools for work performed on Ludlow's school buses. The hourly rate for repairs is $80 while towing will be charged at a usual labor rate.

Written by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor

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