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Erlanger Looks to Lower Insurance Tax Rate, Adds Firefighters


The Erlanger city council took a first step in reducing its municipal insurance premium tax rate on Tuesday night.

The current rate is 10 percent. The proposed change would make the rate 9.75 percent.

This is the percent of the first year's premiums actually collected within each calendar quarter by each insurance company subject to the provisions.

Council has been searching for ways to lower taxes, and looked into the insurance premium tax. 

Councilwoman Corine Pitts gave a report on the findings, and added it to the agenda as a first reading.

The second reading will have to be at a special meeting, since the ordinance setting lower rate has to be passed within a set time before July 1, when the new fiscal budget takes place.

Erlanger received $373,621.73 from the state in municipal road aid. Five streets are targeted for improvements with the funds: Valleywood Court, Carriage Hill Drive, Delphi Drive, Mesa Drive, and Hickory Lane. 

The repairs to those streets will cost approximately $2,225,000, so the city will come up with the amount not covered by the state money. Council will discuss the projects further, but the streets listed are the ones projected to be fixed.  

Viox Road was officially renamed Atlas Air Way, in honor of the company that located in the city.

An ordinance related to compensation of council members was read for the first time. Members will receive $3,167.76 annually, paid in monthly installments.

The city is also looking to increase the amount of its municipal scholarship for students, from $1,500 to $2,500. It will be awarded in May.

Council adopted a resolution calling for the separation of CERS and KERS state retirement systems. Multiple Northern Kentucky cities are taking a similar measure.

Jason Shafer, Sheila Jones, Elijah Mays, and Kyle Ruehl were all sworn in Tuesday night as members of the Erlanger Fire Department.  

Written by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor

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