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Kentucky Now Has 4 Confirmed Cases of Coronavirus, Beshear Announces

There are now four confirmed cases of coronavirus in Kentucky, Governor Andy Beshear announced on Sunday afternoon.

Three additional cases were reported by the governor on Sunday following his initial announcement on Friday evening that one person had tested positive in Harrison County.

There are single cases in Fayette and Jefferson counties, the state's two most populous, and a second case in Harrison County, Beshear said.

All four patients are in isolation.

Leaders from the affected communities will join Beshear in Frankfort at 8:45 a.m. Monday to share the latest information with Kentuckians. The governor spoke to Kentuckians on Facebook live Sunday evening to keep people informed on the latest developments in the state.

“We want to make sure Kentuckians have the information they need to take steps to prevent the spread of the virus,” said Beshear. “While we do have additional cases, which we expected with the way this coronavirus has spread across the nation and world, Kentuckians should know the risk remains relatively low and they should not panic. We can all take proactive steps to reduce the risk of exposure for ourselves, our loved ones and our communities.”

As of 5 p.m. Sunday, the state has received results for 21 tests with 17 of those being negative.

The Governor said additional positive tests should be expected.

“We are ready for this,” Beshear said. “We have been preparing with every minute that we have to make sure we can respond and respond appropriately.”

Beshear declared a state of emergency on Friday.

-Staff report

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