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Confirmed: Kenton County's Fifth Positive Coronavirus/COVID-19 Case

Kenton County now has five confirmed cases of coronavirus/COVID-19, the Northern Kentucky Health Department announced Sunday.

The 33-year old woman is at home in isolation.

The five cases, all confirmed within the last week, do not appear to be connected, the health department said.

Cases will continue to be confirmed, the health department said, as testing continues. Additionally, people with COVID-19 symptoms are being evaluated by their health care providers through telehealth, and even without testing, the health department said, a health care provider can offer instructions for care if a positive case is suspected. Those with moderate symptoms are advised to stay home, avoid others, take fever-reducing medicine, and practice infection control.

Those with more serious symptoms are urged to get emergency care. 

"It is very likely that soon, COVID-19 cases will be identified throughout Northern Kentucky," said Dr. Lynne Saddler, Northern Kentucky district director of health. "Each and every person throughout Northern Kentucky must take specific actions now to keep themselves and their family healthy at home and to prevent the spread of COVID-19."

Earlier Sunday, Governor Andy Beshear noted that the state now had 103 confirmed cases of the respiratory virus that is now a global pandemic, and included in his daily public briefing that one new case was in Northern Kentucky. 

The state also announced the closure of non-essential retail businesses, though, like the earlier closure of restaurants and bars, delivery and pick-up will be permitted. For more on that story, click here. Schools are expected to be closed through at least April 20. Churches and other businesses have also closed as the government calls for social distancing, to limit and slow the spread of the virus that has infected more than 335,000 around the world, and killed more than 14,000.

Three people in Kentucky have died.

In addition to keeping at least six-feet of distance between each other, people are asked to maintain good hygiene and frequent hand-washing, as well as not congregating at private social events.

The Northern Kentucky Health Department noted what has been a common issue across the country, that there is a limited number of tests available. Testing is not recommended by the health department if someone is experiencing only mild symptoms.

-Staff report

Photo: Southern Kenton County line (RCN file)