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Ludlow, Bromley Close City Parks to Public

The neighboring cities of Ludlow and Bromley have closed their city parks to the public amid the coronavirus/COVID-19 global pandemic and to continue the effort to encourage social distancing to slow the respiratory virus's spread.

On Friday, the Ludlow Police Department posted a photo to its Facebook page demonstrating what it described as "not social distancing" with too many people gathered close to each other on a basketball court and in a shelter. 

On Sunday, the city announced that its city parks' closure would begin on Monday until further notice.

"Anyone found in the parks will be required to leave and reminded that the parks are closed. Anyone refusing to obey a lawful order to leave the area could be subject to a citation or arrest for Criminal Trespassing," a Facebook post said.

"We sincerely hope that it does not come to this, and that we can all get through these trying times through patience and cooperation."

Bromley Mayor Mike Denham made a similar declaration on Monday.

"Effective immediately the park will be closed until April 6th in an effort to reduce the spread of COVID-19. This closure will be re-evaluated on the 6th," Denham wrote. "Anyone found in the park will be required to leave. Anyone choosing to ignore the request to leave could be subject to arrest for criminal trespass or subject to a citation.  

"We ask everyone for their cooperation and understanding during these unprecedented times."

-Staff report

Photo via Ludlow Police Department