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19 Confirmed Coronavirus Cases in NKY: Kenton (12); Boone (4); Campbell (3)

There are now nineteen confirmed cases of coronavirus/COVID-19 in Northern Kentucky spead across Kenton, Boone, and Campbell counties.

Kenton reported twelve cases while Boone reported four and Campbell three, the Northern Kentucky Health Department reported.

On Thursday, Governor Andy Beshear said that there were 248 confirmed cases across the state, an increase of 50 cases since Wednesday.

"It is important to remember that while cases will continue to be identified in Northern Kentucky through testing, there are more individuals in our community with symptoms who have COVID-19 but have not been tested," said Dr. Lynne Saddler, Northern Kentucky district director of Health. "Because we are seeing COVID-19 in Northern Kentucky, the safest place you can be right now is healthy at home."

"Health at home" has become a call to action for people to remain inside in order to slow the spread of the respiratory virus that has become a global pandemic with more than 528,000 confirmed cases worldwide and nearly 24,000 deaths.

Social distancing, frequent hand-washing, and quarantining when experiencing symptoms are also recommended. Tests for COVID-19, which first emerged in China before spreading globally, are limited across the country, so health officials are asking that only people with sickness be tested.

The pandemic has forced the closure of schools and businesses and the cancellation of many events. The U.S. Congress is working on a coronavirus emergency relief package to aid Americans and businesses, and other organizations, due to the anticipated financial hit. More than 3.2 million Americans filed for unemployment benefits last week, the highest number of filings ever. 

Gov. Beshear said that the state has conducted 11,000 cases. He also called on Kentucky mayors and judges/executive to monitor their parks and other public gathering areas to ensure that social distancing is practiced there, and if not, to shut them down.

That issue was to be raised by Covington City Commissioner Tim Downing on Tuesday night, he said, but by a vote of 3-2, the meeting was abruptly adjourned before he could make his comments.

-Michael Monks, editor & publisher

Photo: Madison Avenue in Covington (RCN file)