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COVID-19: 37 Cases in NKY; Beshear Limits Out-of-State Travel

Governor Andy Beshear ordered new restrictions on out-of-state travel on Monday while the Northern Kentucky Health Department confirmed 37 cases of coronavirus/COVID-19 in Boone, Campbell, Grant, and Kenton counties. 

The health department also confirmed the death of a Kenton County resident over the age of 80 who also had underlying health issues. At his daily briefing on Monday, Beshear said that it was an 88-year old woman.

“This is a loss for all of us,” said Gov. Beshear, adding the Governor’s Mansion and Capitol dome would be lit green. He asked all Kentuckians to keep those families in their thoughts and to light up their homes green to honor those lost.

A child in Boone County was also identified as the first confirmed pediatric case of COVID-19 in Northern Kentucky, the health department said, without offering specifics. There are now 20 confirmed cases in Kenton County, 8 each in Campbell and Boone, and 1 in Grant.

Gov. Beshear also said Monday that two of the new cases were linked to a nursing home in Northern Kentucky’s Campbell County. One resident and one staff member were being treated, the Governor said, and follow-up tests were being conducted.

Cold Spring Mayor Angelo Penque confirmed the nursing home report, in a post on the city's Facebook page. "I have been following all of the coverage on COVID-19, as I'm sure that most of you are as well. Since the virus spreads so quickly, we knew that it was only a matter of time that there would be cases in our area, and our city," Penque said. "There has been a case of COVID-19 reported within the city at Cold Spring Transitional Care Center. Please be mindful, during these times. Make sure that you are practicing proper social distancing and cut down on social gatherings and travel wherever possible. As I stated before, we knew that this was expected to happen in our area, so as always, please remain calm and continue to be safe and healthy."

In addition, the Governor provided an update on a 1-year-old in Fayette County who recently was diagnosed with COVID-19. “That child is back at home and doing really well,” Gov. Beshear said.

As part of the new travel restrictions, a range of exemptions were announced, including travel to other states for work and groceries, to care for loved ones, to obtain health care, and when required by a court order. Kentuckians arriving back in the commonwealth from out of state are required to self-quarantine for 14 days.

“Right now we have more cases in other states,” Beshear said. “What it means is your likelihood of getting infected and potentially bringing back the coronavirus may be greater in other states than ours. You need to be home anyways.”

“We want you to remain Healthy at Home,” La Tasha Buckner, chief of staff and general counsel for Gov. Beshear, said of the new order’s goal.

Beshear said that there were 42 new confirmed cases across the state, bringing Kentucky's total to 480.

-Michael Monks, editor & publisher