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Boone Awards Demolition Bid on Crumbling Road; Zoning Change Sought

A proposed zoning change was presented to the Boone County Fiscal Court earlier this month.

The properties located at 535, 541, and 547 Hunter Road and 3067 Hetzel Drive are currently zoned as suburban residential. Owners Akram Othman and Amani Othman want to change that zoning to commercial services as they plan to expand two acres of the site to add a commercial parking facility. They are also requesting a buffer yard reduction from 60-feet to 10-feet along the eastern boundary of the property.

The properties currently house a gas station, a bus park-and-ride, and some restaurants. 

One condition is that any lighting features have to match the existing light fixtures on the current commercial parking facility.

Another condition is that the width and surfacing of the proposed emergency-gated access to Hunter Road shall meet the requirements and specifications of the Hebron Fire Protection district. The third condition is that development of the site shall meet the minimum landscaping requirements of the Boone County Zoning regulations, except for those items waived pursuant to section 3617 of the Boone County regulations.

The second reading of the ordinance is set for April 14.

In other business, a demolition bid was awarded to AFM Demolition in the amount of $49,347. All buildings, basements, and foundations on seven sites on Ryle Road are to be removed.

The county received eight bids for the project, ranging in price from $34,250 to $223,000. The lowest bid provider did not meet all the requirements. AFM provided the second-lowest bid.

The road is said to be crumbling into the river, so the structures need to go.

There is an eighth property that is not yet owned by the county. Its owner died, and now the county is working with the heirs to acquire it.

A resident donated $60,000 to the Boone County Animal Shelter, which the fiscal court accepted with gratitude.

Written by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor