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Ludlow Students Present "A Day Without Words"

The Ludlow board of education saw a showcase of A Day Without Words, a special program presented by special education teacher Tammy Roberts.

Students hosted the program to let other kids know what it feels like when they are unable to communicate verbally. The special education students wanted to show other ways to communicate, noting that just because words aren't used, it doesn't mean that they don't have a lot to share.

The students taught others signs for things like restroom, stop, help, no, yes, and the signs for horse, and hottie.  

They tried to educate others to conditions such as ADHD, autism, Cornelia de Lange, cerebral palsy, and dyspraxia.

The students sold bracelets and learned money and math management skills. They were able to improve their reading by doing research on disabilities, and writing emails, presentations, and letters.

The students also improved their communication skills because they presented the program to grades seven through twelve, worked with business partners, made movies, and did interviews.

Roberts said the entire sixth grade participated, and at least fifty fifth-graders participated. She said they sold out of bracelets, earning $400 in sales and donations.

According to feedback, Roberts said that they will probably do the program again next year. 

The children who spearheaded the program are Sarah Kleier, Dustin Juilfs, Brody Friedhoff, Gabe Goodpaster, Garhett Massey, and Brooklynn Massey.

"I was very impressed by these students," said Ludlow High School principal Travis Caudill. "They were thoughtful and conscientious, and very thorough. They were very retail-oriented, too."

Written by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor