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New Residential Project Announced in Covington

Correction: An earlier version of this story stated that the residential project will be located in Park Hills. It is actually located in the city of Covington, along the border with Park Hills. The presentation, however, was presented to the Park Hills city council. RCN regrets the error.

A new multi-family housing development is slated for the hilltop site in Covington that was previously home to a Northern Kentucky University campus.

Arlington Properties, which is the development firm behind Tapestry on the River, a new apartment community in Dayton, presented the plans at a Park Hills city council meeting earlier this month.

William Morris, vice president of development at Arlington, explained that there will be three four-story buildings and a total of 251 units. Thirty-five percent of them will be one-bedroom, half will be two-bedroom, and the remainder will be three-bedroom. There will be parking garages under the units.

Morris said that his firm plans to rehabilitate the old road that used to lead to the hilltop campus to make it the only way in and out of the new housing development. There will be more trees added to the green space at the end of Mt. Allen Drive, and a gate that only allows emergency vehicles into the project, he said.

One L-shaped building at the bottom of the hill could be used for retail and the end of the road where it intersects with Dixie Highway will be expanded to allow entry to that building, he said.

About two dozen residents showed up to the meeting with questions.

Morris said that there would be no blasting at the site and that there would be adequate drainage.

"How can we trust you?" one resident asked, referring to an incident recently with a truck that Morris promised to fix.

"We are not perfect," Morris reminded everyone, saying the truck incident was with a third party consultant, but he promised to be available to listen to any complaints that residents would have.

Mayor Kathy Zembrodt promised to put the entire presentation on the website so that residents can refer to it.

Written by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor

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