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Bellevue Mayor: Take Threat of Coronavirus Seriously

From Bellevue Mayor Charlie Cleves

Coronavirus has all of us concerned about the future of our community and our country. I share that concern, but I am also optimistic that we will beat this terrible disease and at some point we will return to normal.

Our local economy is going to take a hit, but when you think about it our families’ health and safety are foremost.

Now not later is the time to do what you can to help everyone. If each of us does a little, that adds up to a whole lot.

We have to take the threat of Coronavirus seriously. It’s real and it’s here. The disease doesn’t care if you’re Republican or a Democrat or an Episcopalian or whatever category you want to choose.

The next two weeks are especially critical. We have a common enemy that we can’t see or feel, but it’s there. Think back to the time when we all had to come together to fight a common enemy such as in World War II. We all worked together as a country. We can do it again. It’s time to bunker down

As Mayor of Bellevue, I am asking you as a citizen of Bellevue to take action now to increase the probability that we will decrease the impact of Coronavirus to Bellevue.

  1. City Hall is locked to the public. Please call the department you need assistance from or email.

2.    Less staffing. Some of our staff is working at home.

3.    Two Public Services employees will be working weekdays. We usually have four each day.

4.    We’re utilizing remote meetings to stay engaged with experts, colleagues and organizations to stay informed and keep our office functioning.

5.    City Council and other meetings are cancelled or postponed at this time.

6.    We are temperature testing every on-site employee daily. We are washing our hands, practicing social distancing, and sanitizing.

7.    Republic Services is not offering large-item pickup at this time and will only handle bagged garbage placed in lidded trash containers.

8.    Restricted access to parks including play apparatus and the basketball courts are closed. The public is welcome to walk in the parks provided they are exercising proper social distancing.

The Coronavirus circumstances are changing each day. Gov. Beshear has issued a number of new executive orders, and there is new legislation. We’re struggling to get our arms around the new laws, but we’re trying. We may be implementing changes in policy based on the changes in circumstances and the law.

If we follow a few simple rules for a while, I know it will be frustrating, but we will be the better for it. I know you can do it.

Mayor Charlie Cleves

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