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Southbank Shuttle Service Suspended by TANK

Southbank Shuttle service will stop on Monday, April 6, the Transit Authority of Northern Kentucky (TANK) announced on Friday.

The shuttering of the shuttle follows other reductions in service that TANK announced over the past two weeks as the region, like the country and the world, responds to the COVID-19 global pandemic.

TANK announced earlier in March that it would suspend fares on regular buses, allowing for free ridership, while limiting entry to regular buses from the rear. But the shuttles do not have rear doors, making passenger boarding a close encounter for drivers, TANK General Manager Andrew Aiello said.

Aiello also said that the shuttle service is largely duplicative of other local routes in the system, which is not warranted with reduced ridership as more people are being kept from going to work or to public places.

“TANK is making every effort to protect the health of our operators while we navigate the next few weeks and months. Our goal is to continue to provide a base level of service for the people that need it most, while protecting the health of TANK employees,” said Aiello.  “With that balance comes some difficult decisions.”

TANK continues to ask all passengers to limit non-essential travel on TANK buses to allow for safe travel for those performing essential services in the community.

-Staff report