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Kenton Co. Approves Enforcement of Latonia Lakes Properties' Violations, Golf Course Pipe

The Kenton County Fiscal Court hosted its first virtual meeting to conduct county business.

The move away from public meetings at the county building is in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and health officials' encouragement of social-distancing.

The fiscal court approved a project by Sanitation District 1 to replace a 24-inch storm water pipe on the golf course with a 36-inch pipe that is expected to alleviate flooding in the area.

County Administrator Joe Shriver said that there was a total of 140 feet of pipe that needed to be replaced. The goal is to drive more water to the dry detention basin that already exists on the golf course.

SD1 is paying for it, Shriver said.

The court also accepted the Kenton County Jail's budget, which needed to be approved by the first of April (the meeting was held last week). Judge/Executive Kris Knochelmann noted that the jail population is the lowest he's seen since being elected. Hundreds of inmates have been released and placed in alternative-sentencing programs in order to ensure social distancing at the jail.

The court also voted to authorize County Attorney Stacy Tapke to pursue collection of certain code enforcement liens filed by the Kenton County Joint Code Enforcement board against certain pieces of property in unincorporated Kenton County, and for the public works department to take all necessary steps to abate violations and nuisances. These properties are located in Latonia Lakes and commissioner Beth Sewell said that the properties are abandoned and the neighbors have been working with the court to clean up the neighborhood. 

However, in her report, Tapke said that due to the courts being closed except for emergencies, and having that condition extended indefinitely, she warned the commissioners that execution of that resolution might not be as swift as people wanted it to be.

Commissioners approved the hiring of Tim Zimmerman, who will be the new animal control officer for the Animal Shelter.

Commissioners also approved the consent agenda;

1) an MOU for Infrastructure Management Services to conduct a pavement management analysis for all streets maintained by Kenton County and the city of Ft Mitchell,

2) a request to modify the waste removal services contract to include the Kenton County Police Department Barn on Madison Pike,

3) to surplus several items for the Technology Services Department,

4) a request for approval of a service agreement with Cincinnati Bell Technology solutions for Webex Teleconferencing software,

5) request approval of a lease agreement between Kenton County Fiscal Court and Geoffrey and Charlene Combs for the property located at 3920 Richardson Road in Independence,

6)  request approval to accept the bid for stop/loss services for the insurance program, and 

7) request approval to accept the Kentucky Justice and Public Safety Cabinet Department  of Corrections Award.

Written by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor