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Sheriff's Department Warns of Scam Using Major's Name


The Boone County Sheriff's Office reported Thursday that a scam is going on involving the name of its deputies. 

Major Mike Hall is a sworn employee of the sheriff's office and serves as a member of Sheriff Michael Helmig's command staff. But someone else pretending to be Major Hall is making calls about an alleged "urgent legal matter".

The sheriff's office said that "members of the community" reported receiving a voicemail from a Major Mike Hall urging a callback to address that legal matter. The callback number provided is 859.534.7234, the sheriff's office said.

The actual Hall is not involved in these calls, and the sheriff's office urged people who are contacted by the impostor not to return the call.

"It appears that at this time no one has fallen victim to this potential scam, and we appreciate the community’s diligence to confirm their suspicions by calling our office directly," a news release said. "As a reminder to all, law enforcement will not contact you directly and request a payment over the phone in lieu of resolving a legal matter, whether it be an active warrant or a threat of arrest."

-Staff report