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Ft. Wright Council Adopts Resolution Calling for Quicker Reopening of Economy

Fort Wright City Attorney Kyle Winslow is departing that role to take a job with a federal agency. Mayor Dave Hatter said in the virtual meeting that the city has a couple of gifts for Winslow, which will be delivered when they can gather in person again.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, city council meetings have been taking place virtually.

City Administrator Jill Bailey thanked Winslow for the seven years in which he served as city attorney, and read a resolution acknowledging his service.

Council also passed a resolution calling on Governor Andy Beshear to speed up the reopening of Kentucky's economy, which was largely shuttered by the pandemic but is slowly reopening in segments.

The resolution noted the growing number of coronavirus cases and deaths in Northern Kentucky but also references the economic impact suffered by businesses.

"I don't understand-we can get the dog groomed, but I can't get my shaggy hair cut," Hatter remarked. "I am 100 percent in favor of  safely opening the economy."

Hatter said that with less revenue coming into the city building, there is a question about how many police and EMTs can be out on the road. He noted that although everyone knows the virus is deadly, he believes the healthy people can go back to work.

In other business, Fort Wright Fire Chief Steve Schewe referenced that a new ambulance had mechanical problems that are being fixed. The city is borrowing an ambulance from Kenton County in the meantime.

Both Chief Schewe and Police Chief Ed Butler praised the community, thanking them for the many gifts and food that they have received. Mayor Hatter echoed the sentiments, saying that Ft. Wright is an excellent community of helpful people.

Written by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor