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Erlanger Man Hits $175,000 Jackpot in Scratch-Off Game

An Erlanger man walked away a $175,000-winner after buying a scratch-off Kentucky Lottery game last Friday.

According to the Kentucky Lottery, the man, who wishes to remain anonymous, had a rough day at work and went out with a friend to buy a beer. They stopped at Express Mart on Autumn Road in Elsmere where each bought a scratch-off.

The man paid $20 to play the game Silver & Gold, and scratched it off inside the store.

“We need to leave now,” he said to his friend. While scratching off his ticket he matched the number 37, where located below he revealed the game’s top prize of $175,000.  “I didn’t feel safe. I just wanted to get out of there,” he told lottery officials. 

Once they got in the car, he shared with his friend what he had just won by showing him his ticket. “Are you kidding me?,” the friend asked.

“I was on a mental high for three days before I could cash it,” the Erlanger man told lottery officials. 

After taxes, he walked out of lottery headquarters with a check for $124,250. 

“I’ve literally paid everything off, no mortgage and no more car payments. It’s amazing to know things are taken care of,” he said.

Express Mart will receive a bonus of $1,750 for selling the winning ticket. 

-Staff report