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Hebron Man Accused of Falsely Reporting Attempted Burglary

Nine days after asking for the public's help in identifying a supposed intruder outside a Hebron home, the Boone County Sheriff's Office announced that the man captured in the surveillance video was actually the resident of that home.

Now that resident is being charged with a crime.

According to the sheriff's office, Brad E. Folke, 42, of Hebron, confessed on Monday that the armed man seen in the surveillance video, which had been distributed to the media by the sheriff's office, was actually him.

On May 11, the sheriff's office sent a news release and video clips of an armed man outside a home on Sequoia Lane, requesting help in identifying him. The report was made to law enforcement on May 7.

The sheriff's office said that despite the confession, Folke maintained that he was in fear for his family's safety, and posted to social media on Monday, “We know 100 percent that someone was at my back door...”

The investigation has revealed no substantial evidence to support this claim, the sheriff's office said. According to the criminal complaint summons, Folke told investigators that he was concerned that the "suspect" was a recently fired employee.

Then, anonymous sources came forward to the sheriff's office suggesting that the "suspect" was actually Folke. Folke posted to social media that the "suspect" "kinda looks like me minus the beard" but maintained that the "suspect" was still on the loose and believed to be dangerous.

Folke was charged with one count of falsely reporting an incident, a misdemeanor. He is expected to appear in court on June 23.

-Staff report