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Park Hills Considers Rule Change for Parking Pads

Park Hills city council discussed a resident's proposal to amend the zoning ordinance related to driveways and parking pads.

Lee Burkett, who lives on Aberdeen Road, said that he wants to put in a pervious parking pad with a mesh permeable grass and gravel materials to allow the grass to grow through it.

The pad would look more like grass than concrete, he said.

Councilwoman Pam Spoor said that she supports the idea of removing more cars from on-street parking, and said that she is familiar with the material and likes it. She asked Burkett whether he had spoken with neighbors about the plan, and he said that he had not. 

City Attorney Kyle Winslow explained that for an amendment, the city would have to go to Planning & Development Services (PDS) and the Kenton County Planning Commission would have to hold a public hearing, and give a recommendation, and then the matter would come back to the city, which would result in two readings of an ordinance.

City Engineer Jay Bayer said the material is approved for commercial use, and maybe it could be a pilot program for Burkett's property. Mayor Kathy Zembrodt loved that idea.

Councilwoman Sarah Froelich expressed concern that the material could give the appearance of a car parked on the lawn, unless the pad is marked.

Winslow said that he would look into how other cities are handling such pads.

Burkett said that he would find out what his neighbors think about the idea.

Meanwhile, the city's Memorial Day parade was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic. A flag-raising ceremony may be broadcast online instead.

The memorial day parade has been canceled but the city will probably do a video of the flag raising for the residents to view.  

Written by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor

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