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Covington to Buy Russell Street Building to House Public Works Department

The City of Covington is poised to purchase 1730 Russell Street, a sprawling building and property that spans roughly 3.68 acres. It will become the home of the city's public works department.

At Tuesday night's city commission meeting, Covington Neighborhood Services Director Ken Smith explained that the sale price on the 68,000-sq. ft. building is $2.65 million.

The city announced last month that it is working to sell its current public works building and waste transfer station on Boron Drive in Latonia to Rumpke for $8 million.

The city commission is expected to vote in favor of the purchase from 1730 Russell, LLC next week. During discussions about the city's budget as it relates to the purchase and renovation of the site, city leaders anticipate using half of the $8 million earned from the sale of the Boron Drive property to cover the sale and work on Russell Street. The city plans to keep the full $8 million available for the work on Russell Street since there is not yet a clear picture of what the site may need in terms of renovations.

"This  fund would pay for all that and then we will, once the last check is paid on the renovation and any improvements we have to make on the property and there is a balance, we will work with you on allocating that," City Manager David Johnston told the city commission.

"This is a big deal," Mayor Joe Meyer said. "We are finally giving public works a home they can be proud of and provide a far more suitable environment for our employees to work. It's a very significant improvement."

-Michael Monks, editor & publisher

Photo: 1730 Russell Street (via Kenton Co. PVA)

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