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Kenton Schools, NKU Announce Partnership for High School Juniors

Kenton County Schools announced a new partnership with Northern Kentucky University to offer the Young Scholars Academy, a program that will allow high school juniors and seniors to earn college credit at a lower cost. 

“Kenton County has amazing students, and many are ready for a full-time collegiate experience while still enrolled in high school,” said Kenton Superintendent Dr. Henry Webb. “We are honored to partner with an outstanding university to establish the Young Scholars Academy. This program will be a model for the region, the Commonwealth and the country as an innovative partnership between P-12 and post-secondary institutions to benefit students.” 

“This innovative partnership with KCSD engages high school students early and provides them with a collegiate experience to help them complete their higher education goals,” said NKU President Dr. Ashish Vaidya. “The program puts high-achieving high school students ahead on the path to earning their baccalaureate degree. Our community and the Commonwealth benefit when talented youth are supported along a pathway to earn a highly valued degree.” 

Participants will be enrolled as full-time students at their local high school but will attend NKU’s Highland Heights campus for credit-bearing courses. NKU will provide a designated location on its Highland Heights campus, where KCSD students will be able to convene and receive additional coaching/guidance. Students will enroll in a minimum of 15 credit hours as determined by the course sequence within this document. 

After submitting an application, one hundred juniors have been selected to enroll for the 2020-21 school year. 

"What drew me to the program was the chance to make a transition earlier than others. I can graduate and get my life started sooner than before. I’m excited to have more challenging classes and meet new people outside of my high school,” said Julia Blackaby, a student at Simon Kenton High School. 

"I joined the program because if I do it correctly I will be set up for success. College classes are more specified to what I want to go into in the future,” said Meredyth Duke, a student at Dixie Heights High School. 

"I'm excited about being in a new experience in a new setting,” said Devin Starks, a student at Scott High School. 

-Staff report

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