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Basketball Star Honored with State Highway Sign in Pendleton County

Kentucky's 2019 Mr. Basketball is being recognized with roads signs in Falmouth.

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet announced that two signs honoring Dontaie Allen, a standout player from Pendleton County High School who now plays at the University of Kentucky, will celebrate him along U.S. 27.

The new signage is part of a package of honorary roadside signs designated by the 2020 General Assembly to recognize community accomplishments and honor individuals who have inspired and improved the lives of fellow Kentuckians.

“Ceremonially naming roads and bridges is a popular tradition Kentuckians take pride in to recognize people and milestones that bring respect to the Commonwealth,” said Kentucky Transportation Secretary Jim Gray.

The pair of signs on U.S. 27 near Pendleton County High School will declare the community “Home of Dontaie Allen 2019 KY Mr. Basketball.”

“It’s such a pleasure to recognize a young man who has come to mean so much to this community. Through hard work, determination and the support of his coaches, family, and teachers, Dontaie Allen has built on his God-given talents to become a world-class basketball player," said State Rep. Mark Hart (R-Falmouth). "He’s a leader on and off the court and I’m looking forward to watching him play again as a Wildcat, this time at UK.”

Fifty-nine honorary names were designated statewide and will appear on 13 bridges, 29 roads and 16 honorary locations. Signage will remain posted indefinitely unless otherwise specified in House Joint Resolution 105. 

-Staff report