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NKY Young Republicans Call on Legislators to Take Action After Killings of Floyd, Taylor

The Northern Kentucky Young Republicans have called on state lawmakers to take action in four different ways following the deaths of Breonna Taylor in Louisville and George Floyd in Minneapolis and the ensuing civil unrest.

"For many years the NKYR's have faced the difficult challenge of operating as a uniquely apolitical political organization. However, in this time of crisis, our board believes we have a responsibility to speak up and stand up," the organization said in posts on social media.

The group sent a letter to each Northern Kentucky legislator "in hopes we can work towards a more equitable and fair criminal justice system."

NKYR called for legislative action requiring police departments to provide body cameras to officers, noting that Taylor was killed by officers during a "no-knock" warrant execution while not wearing cameras. The group also called for a reporting system for funds and assets seized in asset forfeiture, and to limit the use of no-knock warrants. Lastly, NKYR asked lawmakers to reform the state's laws related to "qualified immunity". "This will allow law enforcement agencies to be held accountable for their actions through legislative review," the group wrote.

"We hope that you will consider instituting these initiatives in our great commonwealth," the letter read. "Every Kentuckian, regardless of race, deserves a transparent and accountable government that respects their constitutional rights."

The letter was signed by the group's leadership, Casmir Thornberry, Sebastian Torres, Matthew Tarka, and Briana Conley.

-Staff report

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