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COVID-19: Nine New Cases in NKY; Capacity to Increase to 50%

The Northern Kentucky Health Department confirmed nine new cases of COVID-19 in the four-county region on Tuesday, bringing the region's total to 1,349 since the coronavirus pandemic began.

There have been 616 cases in Kenton County, 187 cases in Campbell County, 495 cases in Boone County and 49 cases in Grant County.

There have been 69 total deaths related to COVID-19.

866 individuals have recovered here.

Meanwhile, Governor Andy Beshear announced that industries operating at 33 percent capacity due to the pandemic will soon be able to operate at 50 percent capacity.

“All of our industries that right now have a capacity limit, like retail at 33%, restaurants and others – at the month date, where they’ve been operating for a month under that 33%, we are going to increase that capacity to 50%," he said.

He said compliance with the state's Healthy at Work guidelines and other requirements remain key to keeping establishments open.

Beshear also said that the state fair can take place this year.

“We have approved the State Fair proposal," he said. "It will look very different this year, but the main thing is that we are keeping the agricultural competition and so many of the things that make the fair great. However, the fair will not be able to use the portion of the Expo Center that houses our state field hospital. We are nowhere close to needing it, but we do not want to take it down and then need it later.”

Beshear also confirmed 245 new cases of COVID-19 across Kentucky, bringing the state's total to 11,708 since the pandemic began.

“These new cases are a reminder that this virus is everywhere in Kentucky, and we need to continue to follow the good practices that we know help us manage this virus,” the governor said.

Five more deaths were reported bringing the state's total to 477.

At least 3,365 Kentuckians have recovered from the virus.

Gov. Beshear on Tuesday offered more details about an effort he is launching to address racial disparities in health care in the commonwealth.

“I believe that health care is a basic human right. I made a pledge that we would work to sign up every Kentuckian for some form of health coverage,” the governor said.

He noted that he took early steps to rescind the previous administrations Medicaid waiver, which would have taken coverage from 90,000 people. In addition, Gov. Beshear also made a budget proposal for health care coverage for children, but the legislature did not include that in the budget.

“COVID-19 has shown us where our health care priorities need to be, in terms of where we begin providing this type of coverage,” the Governor said. “Our African-American population is dying at twice the rate than is forecasted by population.”

He said nearly 20,000 black Kentuckians lack health insurance.

“We have an obligation to make sure that members of our African-American communities are able to sign up for health care coverage right away,” Gov. Beshear said. “There is long history of racial inequality in health care. The coronavirus is making that more clear than ever.”

He said his goal is to make sure that everybody has coverage either through Medicaid, expanded Medicaid or the private market.

-Staff report