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Friends of Covington Accepting Nominations for Annual Beautification Awards


The Friends of Covington organization is now accepting nominations for its annual beautification awards, which honor the efforts of residents and businesses to make the city more attractive.

Residences, businesses, parks, and other community spaces are eligible for consideration.

Nominations can be made online at

“We are always excited to see the wonderful work being done in Covington’s neighborhoods,” said John Niland, president of Friends of Covington. “When selecting the winners, we consider the condition of the property, the landscaping, the colors and the overall appearance.” 

Friends of Covington Director Greg Paeth said he enjoys being able to showcase Covington’s many neighborhoods.

“We try to select a winner in each of the 19 neighborhoods” he said. The homes do not have to be grand, he explained. “We do not consider a property’s market value or size. We like to include a variety of properties among our winners.”  

Nominations are open until June 30. Winners will be announced in July and will receive a banner to display on their properties. Recipients will also be invited to attend an awards reception in the fall. 

-Staff report