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The Behringer-Crawford Museum Hosts Virtual NKY History Hour

"In the coming time, strangers, viewing the works on the hills of Newport and Covington, will ask, 'Who built these entrenchments?' You can reply, 'We helped in thousands.' If they inquire the result, your answer will be 'The enemy came and looked at them and stole away in the night.'"

These words spoken by General Lew Wallace in September 1862 still resonate, yet most people in Northern Kentucky have no idea why or when Wallace spoke them. Some wonder why Northern Kentucky has towns named Fort Wright or Fort Mitchell. Others may never have heard of these communities. 

During the next NKY History Hour, which will be live-streamed at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday, June 24, historian and archaeologist Jeannine Kreinbrink will tell the story of the batteries, or fortifications, that dotted the landscape of our region. They were built during the Civil War by men, women and children to protect against invasion by the Confederate Army. They served their purpose throughout the war and were quietly abandoned in 1865, passing into local legend. 

Kreinbrink is president of K&V Cultural Resource Management, Behringer-Crawford Museum archaeologist associate and board member of the James A. Ramage Civil War Museum. She has researched and studied local sites for over 30 years. 

Hosted by Shane Noem and Tara Johnson-Noem, NKY History Hour is a weekly offering of Behringer-Crawford Museum focused on Northern Kentucky history, featuring local authors, historians and archaeologists. To register for the presentation, go to Information on how to connect to the session will be sent after registration. 

The presentations are free to the public during this introductory period but may become a BCM members-only benefit in the future. To access NKY History Hour and many other entertaining and thought-provoking programs for free, join BCM today:

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