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Grade-School Student Organizes Fundraiser, Inspired by Black Lives Matter

A local grade-schooler urged her mother to help her organize a Black Lives Matter fundraiser on Saturday in Covington to benefit African-American organizations. 

Scarlett Carroll, a student at Holy Trinity Catholic School in Newport, said that it was important for her to help out the cause and took it upon herself to not only organize the event, but to garner community support.  

“It’s not fair the way the Black people are treated,” she said. “That’s why I wanted to do this (fundraiser), because I feel like a lot of people in this world really do care about Black lives and I wanted to help.”

“I am truly proud of my daughter,” said Lyndsey McNabb, Scarlett’s mother.

Lyndsey McNabb is a full-time student at Northern Kentucky University studying anthropology. She credits her ability to help her daughter give back to the community to her participation in the Northern Kentucky Community Action Commission's (NKCAC) Lincoln Grant Scholar House program, a residential program geared towards helping single parents achieve their college education. 

“I think, as a parent, you always want to instill values in your children,” said Lyndsey. “And for me, I think that it was awesome that my daughter came up with the idea to do this all on her own. One of our most important family mottos is to stand up for, not only yourself but for others whenever you can.”  

The fundraiser Saturday was held in front of the Lincoln Grant Scholar House in Covington where dozens of community members stopped by to lend support. Those who wanted to support were prompted to donate to one of several African-American organizations with each donor receiving a stuffed animal.  

“We try to support our residents in every aspect of their lives,” said Karis Hawkins, family services coordinator at NKCAC’s Lincoln Grant Scholar House. “So I think that it would be foolish for us not to acknowledge the cause behind this fundraiser today. Here at Lincoln Grant Scholar House, we consistently talk about safety and I think that safety extends beyond these walls. That’s one reason why I am so incredibly proud of the kids that came and asked us if they could hold this fundraiser because it shows that our message is being carried out.” 

“It shows that we are really trying to make a change," said Shyra Stinson, a resident of Lincoln Grant Scholar House who came out to support. “If you keep doing things like this, making people aware and keep with it, we can truly make a positive change.”  

Written by Kareem Simpson, RCN contributor

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