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Dayton School Board Has New Member; Student Celebrated for Graduation

The Dayton board of education has a new member.

Lore Peterson was sworn in during the board's virtual meeting. She replaces Bret Neuspickle, who stepped down due to work constraints. 

Malachi Lawson received his high school diploma during the meeting, and his family was present during the virtual meeting. 

The board approved a personnel exchange contract with Southgate Independent Schools, whose superintendent, Greg Duty, is the former principal at Dayton's Lincoln Elementary.

Through the contract, Southgate will employee Dayton's finance officer and human resources/payroll administrator for a term of one year beginning July 1 and ending at the end of next June. The cost to Southgate is $56,098.50.

Superintendent Jay Brewer said that this service had been previously provided to Southgate by the Newport Independent School District, but since there is a new superintendent and finance officer there, a change was needed so as not to overwhelm the new leadership.

Dayton previously had a similar agreement with Silver Grove Independent Schools before that district closed.

Written by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor

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